City of Port Hueneme COVID-19 Update: Hueneme beach

With the most recent closing of Orange County beaches and the already closed Los Angeles County beaches, the City of Port Hueneme will be making a notable adjustment to adapt to this new information. Consistent with other beaches in Ventura County, Hueneme Beach will be closing its main parking lot for beach traffic. All other parking lots along the beach will remain closed. A small portion of the parking lot will remain open for the local beach restaurant for takeout only. This parking will be restricted to 20 minutes.

Hueneme Beach will remain open along with its walkways for the purpose of physical activity only. These activities include walking, running, biking, swimming, surf fishing, paddle boarding, and surfing.  We are encouraging outdoor physical activity as we will continue to prohibit lounging, sunbathing, and congregating in groups outside of those in your household.

As a reminder, our pier, restrooms, picnic areas, playground equipment, and outdoor tables will continue to be closed to the public. We are still prohibiting items which promote a stationary presence such as coolers, sand umbrellas, tents, blankets, and beach chairs.

We understand how important exercise is to everyone’s mental health, but we have to protect the health of our community. Please use the beach to exercise and get fresh air and not to hang out and socialize in large groups. If you’re not participating in some sort of physical activity at the beach, its simply time to leave.

This is a pathway back to normal life but we must self-regulate and continue to respect these new limitations in order for us to keep the beach open. We have recently seen what will happen if we don’t follow the rules at our beaches.  We encourage everyone to please wear a mask while using our public walkways and to adhere to social distancing guidelines. For more information and resources about how your city if responding to COVID-19, please visit our Facebook page or website at