Protection for airline users

The Canadian government presented a bill on Monday to protect airline users, which will compensate passengers whose flights suffer delays, cancellations or “overbooking”.

The bill states that a user of one of the major airlines will receive a minimum of 400 Canadian dollars (300 US dollars) for a delay of three hours, a figure that will increase to 1,000 dollars if it is greater than nine hours.

Passengers who lose their flight due to an excess of reservations will receive a compensation of 900 Canadian dollars (675 US dollars).

If the overselling creates a delay of nine hours or more, the compensation will amount to 2,400 Canadian dollars (1,800 US dollars).

The legislative project does not contemplate the payment of compensation when the delays are caused by situations beyond the control of the airlines, such as weather conditions, emergency maintenance, airport operations or medical emergencies.

“Except in circumstances that can not be controlled, we will make sure that airlines treat passengers with the respect they deserve,” Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a statement.