After years of negotiations, the community now has secured access to the John C. Zaragoza Community Center and Park.

A huge thank you to the County of Ventura – Government Board of Supervisors for approving the opening of the John C. Zaragoza Community Park to the community. Our Nyeland Acres residents finally have access to a park, opening from dawn to dusk EVERYDAY. Many of our community members have been taking full advantage of the park already. The Park is a safe place where families can gather to play soccer, use the playground, do Zumba and many other activities. Nyeland Promise has been offering a variety of workshops and even yoga classes through their Comadres Unidas Pilot-Program.

Thank you to Supervisor Kelly Long and her team, GSA department, County CEO Dr. Sevet Johnson, and to our Nyeland Promise board for advocating for the residents of Nyeland Acres to open up the park.