On Saturday April 29, the Ventura County Health Care Agency held an open house in Oxnard for those interested in careers in Behavioral Health. Over 20 staff members from the Ventura County Behavioral Health Department were there. Attendees were able to meet executive staff members, including Dr. Loretta Denering, DrPH, MS assistant director to Scott Gilman, Director of the agency and Lisa Tryk, BH Personnel Manager who conducted several interviews throughout the eventful day.

“We are grad to be able to bring to our community vital information about opportunities with Ventura County Behavioral Health Department. It was thanks to someone years ago that provide me with time of information that I was able to see that this line of work is my passion,” said to VIDA Newspaper Dr. Denering.

More than 30 interested individuals had pre-arranged appointments and many more showed up to learn about the agency’s mission, values and culture. This event was also a chance to be considered for an on-site interview and receive additional information for available opportunities at the agency.

For more information and to apply for any positions, visit www.ventura.org/jobs.