The City of Oxnard Police Department is close to hitting a record of zero police officer vacancies. The department currently has 10 openings for officers who can apply at any time since the application process is ongoing with academies starting two to three times per year.
The department is searching for honest, highly motivated candidates full of integrity who are willing to work varying hours/shifts and do well in high stress environments. The annual starting range for a police officer is up to $76,000 – $120,000 per year.
In the academy officers make approximately $35 per hour plus benefits. However before getting into the academy, officers must go through the hiring process which can take from two to four months.
According to Sergeant Mike Thomas, “there is a lot of training involved” with the minimum requirements being that the applicant has a high school diploma or GED, citizenship or have applied for citizenship, no felony convictions, is at least 21 years of age, and is of good moral character.
After submitting the initial application, applicants must go through multiple interviews, a physical agility test as well as psychological and medical tests all before actually starting at the academy which generally starts in April and October at the Camarillo airport.
Sergeant Thomas said “it’s always helpful if they come from a customer service background or they’re used to dealing with people especially people that might not always agree with them and they’re able to de-escalate and talk people down” from risky situations.
Another way to standout amongst the sea of other Oxnard Police applicants is to show interest in the area by being involved in the community.
“One of the questions we often talk about and something that we want our officers to do once they’re hired is be involved in the community with us through community service, through a church or some other organization,” Thomas mentioned.
He also said being bilingual and in good physical condition is also extremely helpful.
In addition to patrol, the department has a variety of other assignments such as a full time SWAT team and drone, horse, and canine units along with other non police officer positions available such as crime analyst, dispatchers and record technicians.
Qualified individuals are encouraged to visit the website to apply and learn more about the application process.