On Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021, Mayor John Zaragoza issued a proclamation celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month in Oxnard during the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

From Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, cities nationwide recognize the cultures and contributions of the Hispanic community while also celebrating the independence days of several Latin American countries.

“In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I encourage all residents to come together and celebrate through song, dance, and food, and to embrace and understand the customs, traditions and cultures of our friends, family and neighbors,” said Mayor Zaragoza.

Oxnard resident Javier Gomez virtually accepted the proclamation from the Mayor. As the founder of the Inklatech Cultural Arts Center and a retired educator for the Oxnard School District, Gomez has transformed the lives of Oxnard youth for many decades.

While accepting the proclamation, Gomez highlighted the importance of being of service to our community, and celebrating the numerous contributions of Hispanic culture. He encouraged everyone to recognize all the different ethnicities of this country who are great Americans that contribute to making a difference in each of our lives.

The City of Oxnard’s Cultural and Community Services department has scheduled a series of events hosted by staff members at the Library, Senior Centers and Youth Recreation Centers to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. For a list of activities, please visit: www.oxnard.org/hispanicheritage.