During the month of July, 2021, the Oxnard Police Department Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) began an investigation into narcotics activity occurring at a residence located in the 2200 block of Mono Street. During the investigation, detectives identified the resident, Rene Cervantez, a 39 year old Oxnard resident, as allegedly being involved in the sales of Fentanyl to Oxnard residents. Detectives developed enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant for the residence. 

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, with the assistance of the Oxnard SWAT team and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, DEU Detectives served a search warrant at the residence. After Rene Cervantez was detained and the residence was secured by the SWAT team, DEU detectives conducted a search of the residence and located three different types of processed fentanyl, US Currency, and further evidence of narcotics sales. 

Additionally, two severely neglected dogs were located in the rear yard of the residence. The dogs were malnourished with no food, water, or shelter. The dogs were covered with fleas and rashes. The Ventura County Animal Services immediately responded to the residence and rescued the animals. The dogs were taken for immediate treatment at the Ventura County Animal Shelter. 

Rene Cervantez was arrested for possession for sales of fentanyl and cruelty to animals, both felonies. Cervantez is currently out on bail for two separate narcotic sales arrests. He was booked into Ventura County jail with a bail request of $1,000,000.