The Oxnard Union High School District (OUHSD) recently held their grand opening on Wednesday, August 25.

Many members of the community, including elected officials and educators, attended the grand opening for the new Oxnard Union High School District building.

For the first time, all the OUHSD office staff will be working under one roof. The new location at 1800 Solar Drive is also the newest location for the Oxnard Adult School – their first day of classes were held the same day as the opening.

“We were in probably 6 different buildings in our old facility, and we had been there since 1956,” Tom McCoy, superintendent of OUHSD, said to VIDA Newspaper. “For us to be able to move and have all our staff from the district office here under one roof has been tremendous.”

The grand opening celebration had several performances by students within the district, from heartfelt poetry to an upbeat dance performance.

Oxnard High School student Maggie O’Campo read aloud a poem that she wrote to her future self.   “I hope that you love me as much as I love you,” O’Campo said as she read through her writings.

The Adolfo Camarillo High School band and the OUHSD Mariachi band also gave lighthearted performances.

Multiple high schools from the district had tables set up at the event, providing information about their schools. Channel Islands, Oxnard, Pacifica, and Frontier High School were just a few of the schools in attendance.

Several elected officials also joined the event. Angelica Cisneros from Senator Monique Limon’s office, Armando Gonzalez from Congresswoman Julia Brownley’s office, County Supervisor Carmen Ramirez and Steven Gama, Mayor of Port Hueneme, were among those who came to support the opening.

Tours of the building were given to anyone who wished to see inside of the new location.

The purchase of the new building was a joint movement with the Rio School District according to Steve Hall, President of the Oxnard Union High School District. Hall also noted that no Measure A bonds were used to purchase the new property.

McCoy says that the entire IT network has also been updated as part of the move.

“This is where the internet will come in and go out to all of our schools,” McCoy said to VIDA Newspaper. “All of our students have the one-to-one Chromebook devices to take home, and this building supports all of that network infrastructure.”

A help desk is available at the new district office for teachers, parents and students who need IT support.  A parent center is available as well to support the parents of English learners, according to McCoy.

“We also have special parent classes for them to teach them the technology the students are using and how to communicate with the staff in the schools. That’s all going to be happening in this building,” McCoy said.

This week was the first day of classes for students within the district, and 96 percent of students were in attendance.

“[This is] the highest first day attendance we’ve had in over a decade, we had 16,800 students walk through our gates this morning,” McCoy said.

A new school is also reportedly underway.  “We’re going to have a new school coming up that’s under construction right now,” Poul Hansen, Bond Project Manager for OUHSD, said. “We also have air conditioning being added to all 7 of our schools, and we already fixed up the playgrounds in 6 schools.”

Darlene Garcia, Director of Special Education for OUHSD, is also happy to have all the staff all together. “I think it’s easier for our parents to come, and it’s more accessible to the whole community,” Garcia said.