ISLAMABAD — Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan that sexual crimes are rising due to the misuse of mobile phones.

“Sexual crimes are on the rise due to misuse of mobile phones. We need to educate our children about the supreme qualities of Seerat-e-Nabi (Life of the Prophet),” he said.

Khan’s remarks have drawn massive criticism on social media. Twitter users have slammed him for not blaming the real culprits for sexual violence.

“Everyone in my family has a mobile phone. Now I have to be careful that the phones don’t make them sexually assault anyone.” tweeted Suburban Delicatician.

“They’ll blame everything under the sun except the culprits,” wrote another user named Sohni.

“In the past, the respect the women were getting in our country was nowhere to be seen in the world. In the West, women did not get that respect which they used to get here,” Khan said.

He said that such incidents are happening as children are not being guided properly.

Khan regretted that the past rulers never laid emphasis upon the education sector as it was not their priority.

“No one ever thought of one curriculum in the country,” he said.

On Aug. 14, a Pakistani TikToker was captured being “brutally attacked” by hordes of men in Lahore’s Minar-e-Pakistan while the country celebrated its Independence Day. The incident was among the top hashtags Twitter #minarPakistan and #400 men were among the hashtags being used by outraged netizens who expressed their shock and disgust at the violence against the woman.

The incident happened at the Greater Iqbal Park area of Lahore on Pakistan’s Independence Day on Aug. 14.

In her first information report, the complainant had said that she and her companions were filming a video near Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day when around 300 to 400 people “attacked us.”

The complainant, who used to make videos on TikTok, mentioned in her complaint that she and her companions tried their best to escape from the crowd but in vain. The park’s security guard tried to help them by opening the gate to the enclosure around Minar-e-Pakistan.

Women in Pakistan are disadvantaged for many years, as per reports by Amnesty International.

“They have been denied the enjoyment of a whole range of rights— economic, social, civil and political rights and often deprivation in one of these areas has entailed discrimination in another,” states the report.

“Women who have been denied social rights including the right to education are also often denied the right to decide in matters relating to their marriage and divorce, are more easily abused in the family and community and are more likely to be deprived of the right to legal redress.”

(With inputs from ANI)

Edited by Saptak Datta and Ritaban Misra

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