NEW DELHI — Indian National Capital, Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, on Aug. 25, said that the national capital ranks the highest across the world in CCTVs per square mile, beating cities like Shanghai, New York, and London.

“I feel proud to say that Delhi beat cities like Shanghai, New York, and London with most CCTV cameras per square mile across the world,” Kejriwal said on Twitter.

“On the top spot, Delhi has 1826 cameras, while a second, London has 1138 cameras per square mile. My compliments to the Delhi Government’s officers and engineers who worked on the project as a mission and achieved the feat in such a short time.”

The Public Works Department of the Government of Delhi had acquired and installed 275,000 CCTVs in phase one of the project. A further 140,000 CCTVs are in the process of installation at present.

Delhi government claims that Delhi’s public spaces are the best monitored in India and is one of the few cities globally where the community plays an active role in controlling their own security.

A new report said that the majority of the world’s most surveilled cities are located in China. Still, Indian cities like Indore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi are making their presence known.

“India’s showing among the Chinese-dominated top 20 is getting stronger, with Indore making an entrance in rank 4, while Hyderabad moved up from rank 16 in 2020 to rank 12 and Delhi entered in rank 16 in 2021,” the report said.

The Chinese city of Taiyuan, located in the Shanxi province roughly 300 miles Southwest of Beijing, tops the list with 117 public CCTV cameras per 1,000 inhabitants.

“The highest-ranked non-Chinese city is London, also notorious for its strict surveillance of public spaces, with 73 cameras per 1,000 people in rank 3,” the report said.

“With seven and almost nine cameras per 1,000 inhabitants, New York City and Los Angeles were the only two U.S. cities in the analysis.”

In this process, all CCTV feeds are highly secure, with hardware monitored by the community, feeds accessible only to authorized users, and the system itself capable of automatic health checkups to detect disturbances and intrusions of the connections.

The Delhi Government ensures the security and privacy of all feeds collected and ensures that it is only used for authorized purposes by authorized users.

As the Delhi government claims, Delhi surpassed 150 cities globally in terms of Cameras Per Square Mile.

Delhi ranks number one in the list at 1826 cameras per square mile.

It is followed by London at 1,138, Chennai at 609, Shenzhen (China) at 520, Wuxi (China) at 472, Qingdao (China) at 415, Shanghai (China) at 408, Singapore at 387, Changsha (China) at 353 and Wuhan (China) 339 in the list of top 10 cities in the metric.

(With inputs from ANI)

Edited by Saptak Datta and Praveen Pramod Tewari

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