NEW DELHI — Aryana Sayeed, a well-known female pop star from Afghanistan, slammed Ashraf Ghani, the ousted Afghan President, and called him a “coward” for leaving the country in the hands of Pakistanis.

“I am truly disappointed with the President (Ashraf Ghani), the way he left Afghanistan in the hands of a bunch of Pakistanis,” she said. “He let down our people, our country, our armed forces, and our military. How could we fight without any leaders?”

“I was unfortunate and pissed off from him for what he did. That was very coward of him. The day we were leaving Afghanistan on Aug. 15, he was still giving speeches promising people that everything will be alright. But within the next few hours, he disappeared.”

“I am disappointed, to begin with. I am disappointed that they left Afghanistan alone just like that and the Taliban took over the entire Afghanistan within few days. It is unbelievable to me,” said Sayeed.

Meanwhile, she praised the efforts of Afghanistan’s “acting” President Amrullah Saleh and Ahmad Massoud, son of renowned anti-Taliban figure Ahmad Shah Massoud, for challenging the Taliban in the Panjshir valley.

“Whatever is happening now in Panjshir, it is courageous of them, appreciate that, but at the same time, I fear Afghanistan going back to the civil war, which is scary,” said Sayeed.

“We have been through that, and I don’t want Afghanistan to go through that once again. I am concerned.”

She also took a dig at international powers for leaving Afghanistan in the middle of nowhere.

“I mean at all these superpower countries who initially went there, and they said our reason of going there is to get rid of Al-Qaeda, get rid of Taliban,” said Sayeed.

“Then, after being there for 20 years and spending millions and millions of dollars, the lives of all those soldiers lost there, suddenly they decided to leave Afghanistan and come out, and this is something so shocking to me.”

Sayeed also appealed to the international community not to forget about Afghanistan and its people living in misery.

“My hope is from the international community to not forget about Afghanistan,” she said.

“Do not forget about the Afghan nationals because it is not their fault they are living in misery now and millions of people in Afghanistan women and children they don’t deserve what they are going through now.”

She urged them to put some pressure on Pakistan. She blamed the country for the current crisis in Afghanistan by empowering the Taliban.

“I hope they can put some pressure on Pakistan; I believe that the current crisis in Afghanistan is because of Pakistan,” said Sayeed.

“Pakistan is funding the Taliban, Pakistan is instructing them, their bases are in Pakistan, where they get trained. So I hope the international community, first, cut their fund, and they don’t give funds to Pakistan so that they don’t have enough money to fund Taliban.”

She asked the Taliban to think about humanity. She advised them not to treat innocent people like they did twenty years ago.

“I hope that they will think about humanity,” said Sayeed.

“They should think that, you know, they shouldn’t treat innocent people the way they did twenty years ago.”.

During the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan between 1996 and 2001, brutal floggings, amputations, and public executions were commonplace.

Women were primarily confined to their homes. The death penalty was in place for offenses including female adultery, homosexuality, and the rejection of Islam.

(With inputs from ANI)

Edited by Saptak Datta and Ritaban Misra

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