Ventura County District Attorney Erik Nasarenko announced that the prosecution of David Michelson 74 years, of Newbury Park, ended due to Michelson’s death at a hospital in Los Angeles County on March 5, 2021.

Michelson, a plastic surgeon, had been charged with sexually assaulting 15 female patients, and over 30 other women had come forward to report potential criminal acts. The uncharged allegations against Michelson were still under investigation by the Oxnard Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office at the time of his death.

Michelson had a history of engaging in inappropriate and unlawful behavior as a physician. In 1985, Michelson was convicted in federal court of unlawfully selling prescriptions for controlled substances and for selling illegal narcotics. As a result, Michelson’s medical license was revoked by the Medical Board of California, and then reinstated on a probationary status in 1991. In 1997, Michelson admitted to the Medical Board that he engaged in sexual misconduct with two patients and inappropriately touched a coworker. As a result of those actions, Michelson was placed on probation by the Medical Board.

Due to the prolific nature of Michelson’s assaultive behavior, additional victims may be unknown to law enforcement. Any additional victims are encouraged to contact the Ventura County Family Justice Center at (805) 652-7655, to receive assistance with access to support services.