Housing Trust Fund Ventura County (Housing Trust Fund VC), on behalf of the newly formed Housing Land Trust Ventura County, has entered into a disposition and development agreement to receive donated land valued at $840,000 from the City of Oxnard. Located at 241 West Second Street, the unused city land will be developed as the future home of the Homeless Solutions Center, a supportive housing development that will provide 55 permanent housing units, 120 shelter beds and 24-hour supportive services for the homeless population.

Credit: Community Development Partners

“In 2020 we formed the Housing Land Trust Ventura County as a way to provide lasting community assets and permanently affordable housing opportunities for families, workers and fixed-income residents in our County,” said Linda Braunschweiger, CEO of Housing Trust Fund VC and Housing Land Trust Ventura County. “By working to acquire donated land and preserve it for affordable housing developments we remove the most costprohibitive part of building affordable homes, which is the high cost of land.” Braunschweiger notes that Housing Land Trust Ventura County is designated by the State of California as a Supporting Nonprofit comprised of an 11-member Board of Directors who are working to identify and receive donated land in the region that can be developed to provide affordable housing on a 99-year lease for either rental housing or home ownership. The new nonprofit will not act as a developer but rather work with affordable housing developers selected through an RFP process. The land donated by the City of Oxnard is the first such project for the newly formed Housing Land Trust Ventura County.

“The land donated by Oxnard aligns with its 2018 five-year homeless strategy plan,” said City of Oxnard Housing Director Emilio Ramirez who is also a member of the Housing Trust Fund Ventura County Board of Directors. “The plan specifically calls for a permanent year-round homeless shelter putting housing first, which studies show can rapidly end homelessness by increasing housing stability.” The Homeless Solutions Center will be developed by Community Development Partners, LLC and on-site management will be provided by local nonprofit, Mercy House. The City of Oxnard will contribute an additional $1.5 million for the project build-out from allocated Measure O funds and the Housing Land Trust VC will work with the Housing Trust Fund VC to raise other funds needed to complete the project, which is set to start construction in the spring of 2022.