COVD-19 has taken more than 630 lives in Ventura County. Please don’t let Super Bowl Sunday turn into a super spreader. Please help prevent another COVID-19 spike. Avoiding that party can help save lives and can help save businesses. Gatherings spread COVID. We saw this after the holidays with a surge in cases. Let’s prevent it from happening again.

Keeping it with your household does not mean you have to stay locked at home! The State’s Purple Tier has opened sectors and they need your support. Consider supporting local businesses with members of your household. Dining outdoors is now allowed. Restaurants and other businesses are working so hard to follow all the State protocols and need our community support now more than ever. Some are barely hanging on and really need your business to keep the doors open. Keeping it small means that when you are out wear a mask, social distance and don’t gather. Keeping it small means when you eat out just eat with the people you live with and stay distanced from others.

No one wants to go back to the State’s stricter Stay Home Order. Now that we are in the Purple Tier restaurants can offer outdoor dining, personal services can be open indoors and other businesses are able to have increased capacity. Let’s keep moving forward so these businesses can continue to stay open!

Many other counties are banning TV programming at businesses to prevent gatherings. A message went out last night that our County was also going to ban TVs for the weekend. Good news is that it’s not a ban but a recommendation. It’s at the discretion of the business. If the Super Bowl is on while you’re enjoying that outdoor meal please don’t gather around the TV or gather with people outside your household.