During the month of January, 2021, the Oxnard Police Department Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) began an investigation into narcotics activity occurring at a residence located in the 1100 block of South J Street. During the investigation, detectives identified the resident, Estevan Orozco, 33-year-old, Oxnard resident, allegedly involved in the sales and distribution of fentanyl to Oxnard residence.

On January 25, 2021, Officers from the Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle and located Estevan Orozco inside of the vehicle. During the investigation, SEU Officers located Orozco in possession of a sizable quantity of pure fentanyl and US currency consistent with the street sales of narcotics. DEU Detectives responded to take over the investigation.

During the Investigation, DEU detectives authored a search warrant for Orozco’s residence. On January 26, 2021, several hours after the traffic stop, SEU Officers and DEU detectives served a search warrant at Orozco’s residence. During the service of the search warrant, detectives located a large quantity of fentanyl being processed on a dinner plate in Orozco’s bedroom. Detectives also located cutting agents and a mixing machine used to process and manufacture the fentanyl for street sales. Additionally, detectives located a large quantity of processed fentanyl in the freezer at the residence. The amount of fentanyl seized is enough fentanyl to potentially cause over forty thousand fatal overdoses.  

During the investigation, detectives also located a large quantity of ammunition, two sets of body armor, and approximately two thousand seven hundred prescription pills, including several blue “M30” pills which are commonly found to be counterfeit pills containing lethal doses of fentanyl.

Estevan Orozco was arrested for possession for sales of fentanyl, and transportation of fentanyl, both felonies.