As of 1/19/21 31,553 individuals have been vaccinated in Ventura County. We have received 44,625 first dose vaccines. All appointments are filled this week.More appointments will be opened next week. A notice will be sent when they open up.
We have to wait each week on the amount of vaccines provided to the County from the State and then more appointments can be made. All vaccines coming in are going out to the people in Phase 1A and 75 and older. We have more eligible people wanting the vaccine than vaccines available.
It will take months to vaccinate all people. Vaccine supply is the biggest barrier to making this effort move more quickly. This is impacting Counties throughout the State.

Once appointments are opened you can register on the Ventura County Recovers website at the following link:
You can also call our hotline to make an appointment next week. Currently, the hotline has a recording saying all appointments are full. Once more appointments are open an operator will be able to help callers make appointments. The phone number is: 805-477-7151.
The Area Agency on Aging provides transportation services for older adults that are in need of transportation to a vaccine appointment or for COVID-19 testing. This includes people that need lift assist as well as gurney transportation. The driver will take you, wait for you, help you at the site and take you home. To schedule a ride call 805-477-7300. You must have a vaccine appointment before you schedule a ride.
View all phase information at the following link:
COVID-19 Information

There are 834 new cases for today, 6,939 additional tests, and 29 additional deaths: 96 year old male, 22 year old male, 92 year old female, 55 year old male, 79 year old male, 72 year old female, 78 year old female, 73 year old male, 89 year old male, 71 year old male, 75 year old male, 82 year old female, 47 year old male, 81 year old male, 90 year old female, 84 year old female, 78 year old male, 81 year old female, 75 year old female, 86 year old female, 76 year old female, 85 year old male, 55 year old male, 84 year old male, 97 year old female, 93 year old female, 62 year old male, 87 year old female, and a 71 year old female.
Our heartfelt sympathy to all families of the community members who have passed away and the many medical providers who continue to work to save lives and care for very sick people.
Please help slow the spread of COVID-19. Wear a mask, social distance, do not gather and wash hands frequently.