• There are 3,178 new cases of COVID-19 (Includes Fri, Sat, Sun)
  • 11 additional deaths: 96 year old female, 82 year old female, 68 year old female, 54 year old female, 92 year old female, 82 year old female, 53 year old male, 89 year old male, 87 year old male, all with comorbidities, in addition to a 96 year old female, and a 81 year old female, with no co-morbidities. Our thoughts are with their loved ones during this time.
  • 23,511 new tests performed
  • Current doubling time is 21.72 days.
  • Current hospitalizations: 372 and current ICU: 69.
  • Ventura Adult ICU Bed Availability 1.5%

Please help to bring the numbers down. Staying home as much as possible, wearing a mask, social distancing and not gathering are key steps you can take to help save lives and help move our community forward.