Last Friday, November 6th, UFW Foundation joined efforts and collaborated with Revive Community Church in serving over 300 families as they distributed an estimated 300 grocery bags, over 150 bags of clothes, and dozens of pairs of shoes.

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Headed by Maribel Cano, Emergency Relief Outreach Coordinator, UFW and the group of volunteers did an exceptional job in coordinating and hosting this event, and they are sure making an impact to those in need. These organizations have tentatively scheduled to host these relief events every 1st Friday of each month. The participants thanked Maribel for her amazing support in serving families in need throughout California, and we wish her the best in all future endeavours.

The event could not have the success without the support and continuous donations from Friends of Field Workers, and many agencies, organizations, volunteers and individuals that contributed to the efforts.

“If you know of a family or individual that can truly benefit from this blessing, please share this information and details with them. If you or your organization would like to help with in-kind donations or monetary support, please feel free to reach out to me or our church office. If anyone has any clothes, shoes, sweaters, blankets, toys, or books to donate, please stop by our church office or call us directly to schedule a pick up, ” said Adam S. Lopez, community Liaison de Revive Community Church.

Full measures of prevention, safety, and security were enforced and followed. Masks or any other form of face covering was required, and physical distancing was enforced. Please rest assured that our staff and volunteers took all necessary precautions at this event.