Some 11.3 million Americans have already voted in 38 of the country’s 50 states and with 21 days to go before the presidential election, according to the US Elections Project led by Michael McDonald, a professor at the University of Florida.

According to this project, this year there will be almost 240 million people qualified to vote, but not all of them are registered to do so, and many do not participate in the voting.

In the previous presidential election, four years ago, there were 138.8 million votes, this is approximately 60% of the contingent of qualified voters.

The voting pool of registered citizens as Democrats outnumbers the votes of registered voters as Republicans, but McDonald cautioned that “the strong Democratic vote at this point should not be an indication that (Democratic candidate) Joe Biden has won the votes”.

“But yeah, the numbers look very good for Biden,” he added.

“Biden’s campaign should be pleased that it can take advantage of the votes already obtained to target more efficiently supporters who have not yet voted. However, it is highly likely that Republicans will turn out to vote in person,” McDonald said.

The COVID-19 pandemic led, this year, a majority of the country’s states to offer the option of early voting, which has already been opened for the personal attendance of the voter to electoral positions.

Two other options, which require the voter to request an official suffrage ballot at their district elections office, are casting the vote in special ballot boxes and mailing.

President Donald Trump repudiates and has pointed out, without proof, that it is vulnerable to fraud.

The U.S. Elections Project also detailed the ballots and ballots cast in advance in nine states (California, Florida, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota) that indicate party affiliation of the requested and deposited ballots.

In that nine states, 22.4 million Democrats requested the ballots and 2.8 million or 12.6% of them have already returned them.

In the same states, 13.1 million Republicans requested ballots and 1.9 million (9%) have returned them.

“In the coming weeks there may be a change in the dynamics of early voting,” McDonald said. “Some states that have been mailing the ballots will open early voting, in person, this week. Some of these states have a record of party affiliation.”

“But even if early voting in person turns out to be more Republican than usual, I still expect Democrats to dominate the combination of voting by mail and early voting in person, due to the huge number of Democrats who vote by mail. “he added.