The number of people infected by coronavirus has already exceeded 35 million worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University accounting, with the United States leading with almost 7,421,000 cases.

According to the count carried out by this university, the death toll is higher than 1,036,000, also with the United States as the most affected country with almost 210,000 (209,794).

In the United States, attention is focused on the positive and health of the president, Donald Trump, and in some areas, such as New York, the closure of all non-essential activities, including educational centers, has been proposed due to the persistence of the disease.

In number of infected, the United States is followed by India with 6,549,373; Brazil with almost five million (4,915,289) and Russia (1,209,039). Among the member countries of the European Union (EU), Spain continues to lead in infections with almost 790,000 cases (789,932).

In the number of deaths, after the United States is Brazil (146,352), which remains at the epicenter of the pandemic although the authorities affirm that the curves are beginning to fall. Sao Paulo, the most populated and richest state in Brazil, with 46 million inhabitants, exceeded one million infections this Saturday.

In third place, with 101,782 deaths, is India, a country that exceeded 100,000 deaths from coronavirus this weekend, although the authorities insist that, as it is a population of 1.35 billion inhabitants, “deaths per million inhabitants They are among the lowest in the world. “

After India is Mexico, with 79,088 deaths. In Europe, the United Kingdom remains the country with the highest number of deaths, with 42,440. In Spain, 32,086 people have died so far, according to the Hopkins count.