There are 296 new cases today (35 (11.8%) of which have a lab collection from September 1st or earlier), 3,818 additional people tested, and 5 additional deaths (25 year old male, 81 year old male, 83 year old male, 88 year old female and 90 year old female, all with comorbidities). There have been a total of 123 deaths (age range 29-107 years). Current hospitalizations are 59 and current ICU is 12.
The State recently changed the monitoring metrics for being on the watch list to a tiered system. Learn more by clicking here. Ventura County is currently in the purple tier which they have designated as widespread transmission as of September 8th.
The current case rate in Ventura County is 7.8 (purple tier) and 4.8% (orange tier) for the positivity rate. 
State’s Tiered System
Purple: Highest-risk tier Positivity rate 8%+ and case rate of 7 new cases per 100,00

Red: Second highest-risk tier Positivity rate 5-7.9% and case rate of 4-6.9 new cases per 100,000

Orange: third highest-risk tier Positivity rate 2-4.9% and case rate of 1-3.9 new cases per 100,000

Yellow: Lowest risk tier Positivity rate less than 2% and case rate of less than 1 new case per 100,000