Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the subsequent $0 bail, and the on-going stay at home orders, Oxnard have seen an increase in stolen vehicles, theft from unlocked vehicles and most recently, a spike in thefts of catalytic converters.

The Oxnard Police Property Crimes Unit reminds you to remove all valuables from your vehicles, secure your vehicles, and use an anti-theft device, such as a steering wheel locking device. It is also important to park your vehicle in a secured area, like a garage, or a well-lit area. Please also check on your vehicle regularly, especially if it is parked for several days at a time. If a crime has occurred, there is a higher likelihood of collecting evidence if the incident is reported immediately. Video surveillance is extremely helpful in all criminal incidents. If you have video of a crime that occurred on your street, please contact the Oxnard Police Department. As always, look out for your neighbors and please report any suspicious persons or vehicles in your neighborhood by calling the Oxnard Police Department at 805-385-7740.