On Tuesday June 16 in Ventura, Meridian Rapid Defense Group deployed its unique mobile barriers as part of the program to create a safe outdoor dining space during the COVID-19 crisis. They are at the intersection of Ocean and Santa Clara.

Fire, police and Ventura City officials were present. They all agreed the barriers, which can be moved by one person but will stop a ram raid by a truck or car, could be used in many more crowd control situations around Ventura in the future.

In this case the barriers will provide a safe car free location for restaurateurs to expand their footprint. They are the only mobile barrier to be certified by the United States Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act.

The barriers are already used during the COVID-19 emergency around the US. and stand in place instead of the less effective and unsightly orange plastic water barriers which  block long sections of roadway. The Meridian barrier allows to you walk on through.

Presently they are protecting diners in Miami Beach, FL. and  two weeks ago Meridian barriers were rushed in to protect The Grove and the Americana shopping centers in Los Angeles when looting started.